Effective opposition means disowning bad Bills

In politics, timing and getting your message right are both important.

In opposition, even more so.

When the draft investigatory powers bill was published by Theresa May last week it was clear that this was something that Lib Dems should instinctively oppose.

It is not our job to defend what is contained in Conservative Bills.

What was published may have be an a considerable improvement than what was originally proposed in the ‘Snoopers Charter’ thanks to Lib Dem ministers in coalition – but that was then and this is now.

After all, we have liberal in our name and are naturally suspicious of any legislation which seeks to tip the scales further towards the state and away from the individual citizen.

People expect us to stand up for civil liberties because as on so many issues, if we don’t who will?

Like most people who are not Westminster insiders I rely on Twitter and other channels for my news.

On the day of the publication of the Bill I searched online to find out our line.Hours passed and still the Lib Dems had no official position.

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